What is clean eating? – Times of India – Telegraph

In the language of nutrition, it's very easy to get your wires crossed. Master cleanses, detox diets, low-carb diets, high-protein diets and the like usually lead to more questions than answers. So how do you sift through them all? This piece is the first in a series of articles where I attempt to translate the prevalent beliefs or attitudes towards particular foods or diets. Today, I get up close and personal with a hot new fad – clean eating.

In a nutshell, clean eating is less of a diet and more of a movement. The idea is to eat 'farm to table' or to make sure your ingredients are as fresh as they can get. In other words, processed foods are off the table. You opt for fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh dairy, and consequently, a fresh problem: how do you access fresh food all the time?

For nutritionists, clean eating is the ultimate 'happily ever after' where the freshest foods meet the healthiest cooking techniques. To start off, eliminate processed meats, store-bought sugary treats, refined and polished grains, ready-to-eat meals and precooked foods.

A more pragmatic way to eat clean food is to try cleaner eating… cleaner than what you are used to right now. It will benefit your body beyond your imagination.

Another way is to cook the food as fresh as possible. So cook food you've bought today, especially, meats and fish. Stock smaller quantities of the same foods and make sure you use them as fast as possible. Do not store for long. Wilting leaves

sitting forlornly in your fridge for days will not have any nutritional value.

Third, keep in mind that the focus is not on perfection but on relative success. In the process of eliminating processed foods, you are cooking with fresh foods, and it's an important step.

by Pooja Makhija
Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietician